What is the Liverpool Pound?

Liverpool Pounds stick to Liverpool, build community connections and work for people, not banks, to create a fairer, stronger, happier local economy

The Liverpool Pound is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company. L£s are good, honest money, run for the Liverpool people and for the good of the city, now and for the future. More local trade can reduce the need for long distance transport, minimising pollution and promoting a low carbon economy we urgently need. Spending L£s is acting locally while thinking globally.

Liverpool Pound is a member of the Guild of Independent Currencies. Working with our friends in Bristol, Brixton, Kingston Totnes and others in the UK, to promote a city wide Currency which is fully regulated by The Bank of England. The Liverpool Pound can be used to purchase local goods and products and we hope you can pay for a range of Local Services with Liverpool Pound in the very near future.

Of all the many ways of organising banking, the worst is the one we have today 

– Mervyn King (2010)

Support Liverpool’s independent Sector


ove Liverpool? Go Local! Support your high street and strengthen your community by spending Liverpool Pounds with hundreds of independent, Liverpool-based traders. We create more wealth because less money leaves ‘The Pool’ and gets lost in complicated global financial systems.

Using Liverpool Pounds encourages businesses to spend more money locally, and so on. It is this continual circulation of money within the local economy that really builds the benefits of the Liverpool Pound and makes it much more valuable than spending sterling.

Original Liverpool Pound

National Museums Liverpool

Did you know?


iverpool had its very own bank notes earlier in 18th Century? This is viewable now and can be seen to this day preserved at the Liverpool Museum. It’s time to break free the Scouse Pound… It’s been a while.

Between 1793 and 1796, the city of Liverpool developed its own legal tender, today unique and very rare. It is the Liverpool Corporation who took this bold and pioneering initiative as a solution to the economic crisis which affected the area in the 1790s.

The notes that survive were found by by chance on a building site in 1990, after renovation work was being completed in the subterranean vaults and basement areas of St Gorges Hall

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Go Local

Liverpool’s unique qualities – its independence, rich culture and community spirit – make it an incredible place to live. Using LP is a great way to discover your city and find amazing local businesses you might otherwise never have heard of!

Using the Pound is a great conversation starter and with each transaction you leave with a smile in knowing that you and the business are contributing to something amazing. It’s a great way to discover our City which is vast and complex.