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From the Transition Network – New film: ‘8 days @ COP21’

April 1

We are delighted to present our new film, ‘8 days @ COP21’.  It captures those days last December when the climate negotiations took place in Paris, and the experiences of some of the Transitioners who were there.  Thanks to our wonderful team of crack Transition volunteer translators in Paris, we are able to offer the film […]

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Budget 2016: What we are facing isn’t a financial crisis, but a crisis of the imagination.

March 23

So George Osborne just delivered his budget.  In the same week, the Mauna Loa Observatory released data showing that the rise in CO2 concentrations in 2015 was the largest year-to-year increase during 56 years of research, up to 405.6 ppm, a level not seen in 15 million years.  Prof. Michael Mann says“we have no carbon […]

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Currency Guild Conference 2016 (speakers and set-times)

March 23

Currency Guild Conference 2016 Around the world, local and independent currencies are emerging to tackle the problems caused by our globalised industrial financial system. The Guild of Independent Currencies is a supportive network for this growing movement of new and experimental currency schemes, sharing knowledge and expertise for others to build on. Over two days […]

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Who should be responsible for creating money anyway?

March 16

The debate about money creation and who should be responsible for it in the economy has been an issue that NEF has worked on for over 20 years. Historically the public debate in UK has been more muted, but recently, there has been a resurgence in the debate regarding who should have the power to […]

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Corbyn’s QE for the people jeopardises the Bank of England’s independence

February 4

eremy Corbyn’s proposed “People’s QE” has provoked consternation in the academic and central banking world. Even Mark Carney, governor of the Bank of England, has weighed in, despite the perils of central bankers speaking out on matters of political controversy. PQE has divided opinions in the economic commentariat, but it has united all in getting […]

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The Conservatives are so committed to the Northern Powerhouse they’ve moved it to London

February 3

The “Northern Powerhouse” always comes second to the City of London in the Conservatives’ order of priorities. On Thursday morning at 09.30am staff were beginning their day at the Sheffield office of the Northern Powerhouse department when the Permanent Secretary arrived to tell them that the decision has been made – without any consultation whatsoever […]

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International Festival for Business 2016 could offer jobs bonanza for Mersey firms

October 28

Liverpool city region firms could benefit from a jobs and investment bonanza if they get involved in next year’s International Festival for Business (IFB).   The call to sign up comes as it is revealed that last year’s festival generated thousands more jobs and millions of pounds more in investment for the local and UK […]

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A persuasive vision of a future economy – Summary for the Bristol New Economic Summit

October 21

A summit is a nerve-racking affair for those organising it. I imagine it’s not too unlike organising a wedding.   At 9am on day one of the two-day Bristol New Economy Summit, the room began to fill to capacity as our excellent facilitators Angela Raffle and Peter Lipman donned their headsets. They asked us to prepare […]

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POLL RESULTS: Only 1 out of 10 MPs understand that Banks create Money

October 14

MPs lack basic knowledge about the fundamentals of money, leaving them ill-equipped to understand the impending dangers of another house price boom or a second credit bubble, according to an exclusive Dods Monitoring poll commissioned by Positive Money, the campaign body calling for fundamental reform of our money and banking system. When asked questions about who creates […]

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Liverpool LightNight 2015 events for older children

May 12

Liverpool LightNight attracts thousands of people out on to the city’s streets each May to enjoy an evening of (mostly) free cultural events. And it really is a family friendly festival which can be enjoyed by several generations together. Here are few of the highlights of this year’s programme which are suitable for families with older […]

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