Currency Guild Conference 2016 (speakers and set-times)

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Currency Guild Conference 2016

Around the world, local and independent currencies are emerging to tackle the problems caused by our globalised industrial financial system. The Guild of Independent Currencies is a supportive network for this growing movement of new and experimental currency schemes, sharing knowledge and expertise for others to build on.

Over two days we will explore different currency models, hear from practitioners and learn how they are being used as tools to move us onto a fairer economy. A combination of presentations and workshops will invigorate and enable attendees to return home with a tool kit of ideas and practical steps to make a positive difference to their own communities.

The event is for anyone interested in local currencies, and how they can help us move to a fairer economy.

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Our programme for the event is below, day one is jam packed full of inspiring speakers and attendees will hear about how money works and different currency models. Day two is more interactive and focussed on enabling attendees to map a way forward with their projects.

Day One – Wednesday 20th April

This is the confirmed list for the day.

  • 09:30 Welcome – Graham Woodruff (Bristol Pound) and John Smith (Liverpool Pound)
  • 09:45 Keynote 1 – Dr Peter North, University of Liverpool, Local Money
  • 10:15 Keynote 2 – Professor Jem Bendell University of Cumbria
  • 10:45 Discussion and Q&A
  • 11:00 Break
  • 11:30 Presentation 1 – Hull Coin – Lisa Bovill and David Shepherdson
  • 11:50 Presentation 2 – Transition Currencies – Graham Woodruff
  • 12:10 Presentation 3 – Spice Time Credits – Becky Booth
  • 12:30 Presentation 4 – ScotPound – Duncan McCann (NEF)
  • 12:50 Q&A
  • 13:00 Lunch
  • 14:30 Keynote 3 – Professor Nigel Dodd, LSE, Social Life of Money,
  • 15:00 Keynote 4 – Henk van Arkel, CEO Social Trade Organisation
  • 15:30 Discussion and Q&A
  • 15:45 Break
  • 16:00 Prospects Network – Stephen Clarke and Ciaran Mundy
  • 16:20 Sardex and the WIR – Panayotis Antoniadis and Jens Martignoni
  • 16:40 SoNantes – Patrick Forgeau, President of La SoNantaise
  • 17:00 Discussion and Q&A on Credit Creation schemes
  • 17:20 Day summary and close

A social event in the evening is being arranged.

Day Two – Thursday 21st April

The programme for day two is in draft at the moment as we are polling attendees on the exact content for the workshops, but it will look roughly like the below.

  • 09:30 Welcome Back – Graham Woodruff (Bristol Pound) and John Smith (Liverpool Pound)
  • 09:35 Who is here? Scheme introductions
  • 10:00 Workshop 1a – How to start a local currency
  • 10:00 Workshop 1b – TBD
  • 11:00 Break
  • 11:15 Workshop 2a – Common Cause Workshop
  • 11:15 Workshop 2b – A Liverpool Pound
  • 12:00 Workshop 3a – Sustainability and Funding
  • 12:00 Workshop 3b – TBD
  • 13:00 Lunch, including bus ride guided tour of Liverpool! (possibly)
  • 14:30 Workshop 4a – Impact Research Coordination
  • 14:30 Workshop 4b – Technical Developments, FinTech
  • 15:30 Break
  • 15:45 Open Space session, subjects to be decided by attendees
  • 17:00 Day summary and close

When you book your ticket please specify any particular topics you want to cover.

Open Space sessions suggested so far:

Design for Local Currencies  – Lead by Charlie Waterhouse from This Ain’t Rock ‘n’ Roll who work with Brixton Pound

Mutual Credit systems, connecting with Transition Pounds and lessons in scaling up from projects in Africa – Lead by Jem Bendell and Matthew Slater

Tickets are available and selling fast through eventbrite:

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